Corruption in the Church, at Thornton, after a priest 50 000 AMD to require "top"

Corruption in the Church, at Thornton, after a priest 50 000 AMD to require
12 January
14:00 2017

In an interview with Tert.amto the editor, addressed a citizen who on 31 December attended the wedding of Yerevan Holy Trinity Church, in the Church, a witness of the incident was the wedding, those Ter K. the priest with the participation of Martirosyan that stunned A. and spoiled their mood.

According to the citizen, immediately after the wedding the priest called upon the bride to a relative, saying that additional money should be collected, because the information amount is small. The citizen was a witness as a priest and then the groom and introduced the requirement that "it will not be, money to add, I alone 50 thousand AMD needs Werner ladies, but collect less than amount": Weddings, parties refused money to add, after which the priest got angry and not hiding discontent, Pytalovo walked in the Church.

The Ararat Patriarchal diocese on the website, we learn that Ter Koryun in this diocese Kagan, He in 1978 to 27 may of the year Ter Usik arc. Santorini was ordained deacon. 2001-2015. he served in the SV. Sarkis Cathedral Church as a priest terracotta: Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin Ii, from the blessings received Tsalka godless right to wear and the older priesthood honor. But in 2015. Jun 1, the year services were held in St. John's. Trinity Church as terrorist attacks priest:

So Ter Koryun of the Araratian Patriarchal diocese in which the leader of Archbishop Navasard kchoyan, in an interview with Archbishop kchoyan: "nothing Like this exists Ararat diocese and not in the Church. If something like this happened, the priest made a grave mistake, but the evidence must be of Such an order does not exist",- said in response to the Navasard kchoyan.

That the priest said that the higher needs 50 thousands of money will give, and the parent himself Archbishop Navasard kchoyan said. "He has a heaven of a spiritual pastor, then I, but this is not true. Such a procedure exists, if existed, universal Kry":

To the question why in this case the priest made this statement, Navasard, which gave the answer. "Well, now what is the priest to ask the priest to deny the fact is: If you want the truth was revealed, these people should come and speak with us it happened".

On the question of what the head of the Ararat diocese of the leader does not believe that the priest should be prosecuted, the Archbishop said. "But the evidence must, As I prove it: Ter K. priest, an old priest, an experienced priest. Also teaches in a Seminary, I wonder, to be honest: 2-3 thousands on the amount that goes to the priest and the Church, the rest according to their good discretion, wants the priest to pay, or does not want, Is their own business, to demand the priest has no right: This priest will be punished, if this is confirmed, for this, please, it's people tell him to come to me, turn, Samara, meet, in order to reveal the truth: I think that our priests all work in good faith.

If such a thing says that the priest should be punished, different punishments are."

To the remark that maybe the priest, too, wants a life of luxury to live a luxury to drive, and he, the Archbishop said that this life does not live: "how do You know this: You Elpis things that you believe in what you say: Many places, many say."


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