For someone to work Surik Khachatryan

For someone to work Surik Khachatryan
12 January
11:49 2017

"Fact" the newspaper writes.

Invincible, it would seem, of Surik Khachatryan, the current government completely failed: for the post of Governor of Syunik region to say good-bye after giving the ex-Governor also presented a statement according to which he refuses Syunik region of Armenia, RPA leader from the reason-not enough health. This structure in the future will be led by the current Governor Vahe Hakobyan.
Within the RPA produced by the editing and the ensuing consequences around the "Fact" had a conversation with MP from RPA faction Lernik Alexanyan.

Mr. Alexanyan, within RPA, important changes and as a result they do before the elections, more radical changes will be.

And policy of the party and inner-party life until the election is changed, the corresponding situation: the Party adheres to the policy to make radical changes within the party. It is only in Syunik no, the changes will be in other regions.

The so – called radical changes riot is making waves within the Republican party. Note that Surik Khachatryan at the end of December said that it will participate in parliamentary elections, but a few days ago said that metapol.

– The person he might wish, but the decision taken by the party: the Party decides who the nominee will have to nominate a candidate, the decision can be desires not coincide with Each party is obliged to obey the decisions of the party: I Think it's a riot a reason not to be, as it is not necessary that our desires coincide with solutions: Surik Khachatryan in the elections will participate as a member of the REPUBLICAN party: there will naturally be Displeased, but for their excitement not to go.

– Surik Khachatryan, the RPA was one of those members, who wants so much gained, was in the province and provides a voice for the party, you have no fears that the upcoming elections, RPA is a significant number of votes, the loss will be:

– The fact that Surik Khachatrian of the party, a role played, of course, but it was connected not only to the fact: in Syunik, we have a powerful party activity: I don't think these voices provide only of Surik Khachatryan person due to the Same Surik Khachatryan in the elections to work for the Republican party, I think: I would Not say that the votes of serious contrast we have:

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