Օրգազմի բարերար ազդեցությունը աղջկա օրգանիզմի վրա

Օրգազմի բարերար ազդեցությունը աղջկա օրգանիզմի վրա
11 January
19:48 2017

1. Orgasm will make you pretty

Lady Gaga says the secret to her glowing skin is very simple: spinach and... orgasms, lots of orgasms! Surprising: during sex in the female body doubled levels of the hormone beauty - estrogen in particular is responsible for the youthfulness and beauty of skin. In addition, orgasm helps to maintain the shape.

The average 30 minute sex session burns up to 200 calories - that's 15 minutes on the treadmill. And increases blood levels of the neurotransmitter phenethylamine, which regulates your appetite, therefore you would be full of biscuits and candy. And the pheromones ooze from your body after sex, make you significantly more attractive to the opposite sex. The more active your sex life - the more pheromones!

2. Orgasm helps to maintain healthy your reproductive organs

Sexual stimulation improves blood circulation in the female your body parts that can impact positively on their condition. Medical studies claim that women who get their at least once a week, the menstrual cycle like clockwork. By the way, "red days" is not a reason to give pleasure. Orgasm during this period helps to prevent endometriosis is a nasty disease which leads to infertility.

3. Orgasm helps to deal with stress

Your mental and emotional state depends on the sex. Lack of it causes depression. But all sexual activity (orgasm) causes your body to release oxytocin - the so-called hormone of arms. This is the best hormone in the world. It is responsible for feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety and fear, promote a sense of trust between the partners.

Oxytocin is good in itself, but it triggers in the body a chain of processes leading to the production of endorphins, which make you feel pleasure and peace of mind. In addition, endorphins have a sedative effect, which means you'll have a great sleep.

4. Orgasm relieves the pain

I think "headache" is a good excuse from having sex? But, no! "Headache" is a direct indication of sex. All the same oxytocin and endorphins are good in the fight against many types of pain (from arthritis to migraines) and ten times more effective than conventional pain. Even without side effects.

5. Orgasm will prolong your life

"If you don't want a heart attack, get an orgasm," says British sex coach Lisa Turner. Studies show a direct correlation between the propensity to heart disease and sexual activity among women: the smaller orgasms, the more the risk of heart attack and Vice versa. In addition, the orgasm helps fight cancer, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis.

In General, sex strengthens muscles and bones, and a chemical cocktail in your blood after an orgasm makes me feel happy to look 10 years younger, but still has a powerful stimulating effect on your body and mind.


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