Gagik Surenyan got a new position

Gagik Surenyan got a new position
11 January
17:03 2017

Gagik Surenyan appointed MES hydrometeorological service meteorological centre head about This he wrote on his page in facebook. Of the Republic of Armenia "the Ministry of Emergency situations of hydrometeorological service, Director, Levon Vardanyan 18/01-And by order of 2017 9th January I, Gagik Sonia, I was appointed meteorological centre head: Work to assess Express thanks to MES hydrometeorological service, Director, Levon Vardanyan.

In my work assessment always inspire me and poisoned more than a lot of responsibility and willingness to serve the Republic and the people. This high state post for me, as joyful, as much obliges.

Feel further conscientiously implement the MINISTRY of emergencies, hydrometeorological service meteorological center duties, aware of its importance for the state, society and the economy, sustainable development, health, and property protection act."

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