Marathon quickly delivery 4 recipe

Marathon quickly delivery 4 recipe
08 January
13:52 2017

To smear it is necessary to pay attention to the first symptoms, not allowing that it comes to place cards, This writes the Healthy Food Team-z, presenting useful tips and homemade recipes marathon quickly to prevent.

1. The titanium mask is Necessary to the scalp, gently massage castor or burdock oil, cover pouch, and then 30 minutes after rinse with warm water.

2. Denisov egg mask: the Hair quality and thickness of the recovery can be I egg yolk with a whisk, apply on scalp gently with Merlot and 30 hours after washing.

3. Yehuda mask: you Need 100 g of plant extracts of nettle leaves to put 400 million Apple cider vinegar and 300 ml of water in the mixture, leave for 5 hours and everytime the head, after washing spray broken these tours:

4. Onion mask: you Need to chop the head of the onion, mix 1 tablespoon of the devil, purify the mixture into the scalp for 15 minutes, gently Merlot, to cover the head, keep for half an hour and rinse well.
In addition to masks, hair loss, to prevent the publication recommends to follow the diet, eat right, sleep well, walk in the fresh air every day, too much crap and lilac the scalp, to avoid stress and to obtain the necessary vitamins (C, D, E, B):


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