Jan Yegor. "I have never participated in an Armenian wedding and the traditions not so familiar with the"

Jan Yegor.
06 January
17:51 2017

The season 2016 is already history. The sporting heroes, one of the best in Yerevan was born in Russia in city Khimki increased fencer Yana egorian that in Rio 2016, the year became a twice champion of the waste of personal and team competition.

Russia Ministry of sport, the 23-year-old Yana Otylia recognized as the best athletes for giving "pride of Russia" prize. Sport presents an exclusive interview of Jan Egorian.

Hello Jan: This year, "Ian Egor" name has become a brand name not only in Russia, but anywhere you noted that the Armenian you: I would Like to stack Your Armenian roots. What are your memories from Armenia, from Yerevan, "Armenian" since childhood, his father's house.

Hi I so well remember your dismal childhood. I remember that we lived in the our quarter: my Father and my mother divorced when I was 6 years old and we, my mother and I moved to Russia. in Yerevan, lives my father, grandmother, where I have also an apartment: I definitely Want to fix that Yerevan coming to stay at my house, by the way, Rion, after the program was to come to Yerevan, but it did not, in this limitless միջոռացումներն I was not given the opportunity to come to Armenia, but my projects take effect and will definitely come, I'm in Yerevan, I dad and grandmother around, because I Nahapetyan waiting. When it is, can't exactly say that I had some free time, I cream in Yerevan.

In Yerevan meeting Your father Karapet Alaverdyan. He told about his childhood, talked about Your character some lines. According to him, You are a normal girl you do how would you describe You.

Do a simple man but very complex to me, If the question reaches her family ready to go all across, even to Forgive I'm good, but life does not forgive betrayal.

You have the character trait about which nobody knows.

Hard to find this line: Friends of bells and whistles all parties are familiar. know I'm very vain man, me and my very high opinion you have, but nevertheless never forget where I'm from, how I grew up and reached this stage, and my whole life to help: Never forget those people who me in my way to help. And these people in my life the two of Sergei Aleksandrovich, my first and only personal trainer, and Donna Bauer's national team General Manager. These people will build their sports career Sergey did everything I ever Tonya sport, I will have the chance to train because my family didn't have money for training send.

But I want to note I have a bad temper. I always try to find excuses for people's actions in My life had a lot of the nineties, blows, insults, and disagreements of others, and I'm the same, tried to find excuses, And the result is that these people tried to have me as a tool, ruddy Shelduck, through me, something or someone to achieve. Maybe it is very arrogant as it may sound, but today I believe that such people are not worthy to communicate with me, But Adrian, thanks I've learned in my life to appreciate my side of people, those who from the beginning to the end of my stay was in the mud, while my gold.

Judging by Your beautiful venue, delicious food in question discreet can: Armenian cuisine you like.

I love to eat and eat all they want, but also train a lot, you go to a gym fencing from the audience, in addition, on the account I also calories to Haran: Preferred dish not have. The kitchen is like, it Turns to cook, and can prepare: the Only thing I don't get it Grady. Never cook, do not know and do not want to learn to cook desserts: What refers to the Armenian cuisine, it is not in use:

How to choose a career whose advice did you start, superavto:

Sport this choice was accidental: One day in our school he came to my coach, and I'm not doing anything, I decided to do, superavto: after a while, I realized that this sport and in this the castle, you can even earn money and help mom: So automatically everything that happened, sports became my life, thanks to which my life failed to do what you want, and, most importantly for me was mother and grandmother to anything not necessary would be:

What has changed in Your life Olympic champion after:

Certain changes happened in my life the Olympic champion once. that is to say, my life changed because my awareness of the individual has increased dramatically: there were numerous events and events in which my participation and presence was desirable, sometimes necessary, people everywhere want to see me, to hear, to know my opinion: it Is certainly nice, but maybe to me it is fun delivered only to the Olympic champion after the first month. Now I understand that people are not interested in my personality, I am, but the fact that I'm Olympic champion, I mean, not Ian egorian, and the man who won at the Olympic games: at the Initial stage I'm in some kind of euphoria in was in and I was very pleased all this hype around my face, I thought, people want to know who I am, what I... Now all this other eyes watching, more conscious, the euphoria of trying so important not for me creates so much attention:

But for the athlete as the center of attention to be better , which also has negative consequences.

I believe that everything should be good. Now, when I'm kicking I'm in a new Olympic cycle, I need to constantly workout to be, and I don't like when people in this period still continue to invite me to events that require my presence. So with bated breath for me, please present in a particular locality, and I exercise I the gym for me was divided into two parts-participation in events, accept invitations, to sneeze anyone and workout fees, that may be me again take on the Olympic games gold: I thought my Olympic gold that unfolded around this excitement will last longer than 2 weeks, after which all square their lives and work. But I still continue to fluctuate in this "for two" between them.

In fact, it is difficult to be popular athlete In fact, You also very popular in Armenia?

I am very happy that in Armenia, Armenian society worship me, interested in my results: Never hide the fact that I am Armenian and do not refuse: I always indicate that I am an Armenian woman, I am Armenian, but along with all this you should also see the other side of the coin. a little insulting is that to the Olympic champion Parnas about me nobody said anything and didn't mention, but I before the Game I had big wins and European and world Championships, and I don't remember: And as times became the Olympic champion all at once it is ours, our blood, our akin, Armenian... It's all a bit wrong. I'm not saying that I need to Armenians Menen sports career from the first day, but around the world in Russia I am the only Armenian who am I, little steps back, to go to an Olympic medal and no matter what the EU countries are:

Jan, married life going on?

I have always said that I am not like other competitions. I have a personal life, and I have a personal life?: Yes, I have time to devote to your personal life: I Try never to forget time and size of the senses. Personal life span, and it needs to have priority, the time to grow and develop, as in my case happens. I have a personal life, believe the time: whoever is on my side, understands what it means to the sport, why I am out of reach why sometimes I don't have time.

Jan Egorian heart is busy.

Yes, of course:

When you are going to get married.

As they say, "as a cancer on the mountain whistles and get married":

Your wedding in the Armenian traditions, as Russians like to specify.

My wedding is not in Armenian or Russian traditions: it So happened that I have never participated in an Armenian wedding and the traditions not so familiar with:

In social networks Your photos, we can conclude that the children you love.

Children really love to play with them, spend time like. Every birth of a child-the unthinkable: Me, my everyday worries, problems, difficulties, Unas complex and Tsarev days after help to relax for just kids: Children in our lives! Eskin: I want at least two children to have More AA like boys:

That dream you have at the moment.

I dream to finish Bakari repair (laughs): actually, I dream about it.

Yana, as will be remembered this year.

This year will certainly be remembered for the Olympic games, because it is the Baron to whom every athlete, including me, is committed and goes: This year the results of Kish's entire life.

Grateful for the Frank and direct conversation. Sport new victories You wish.

Thank you too. I congratulate all with New year and Christmas in connection with:


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