Scientists have found a new sex role in nature

Scientists have found a new sex role in nature
04 January
19:00 2017

Traditional sex is not only fun causes, but must generation of immunity to be strengthened. Scotland Stirling University, according to scientists, sex is supposed to be the generation to continue, and so I did that, sex as a result, the light in the future children are protected from infectious diseases.

These children are also more durable immunity take these children compared with born propagation artificial methods using.

His research, British scientists used a plankton racketeering Denmark, where women, depending on the conditions, can multiply in sexual that ASR way. The latest version of they use the environment, worsening the case. Experience the researchers found that Daphne, Evie and orie generation of them better immune to inherit than just Evie generation. Stirling University, according to scientists, the same conclusions can also be distributed people.

"It seems that while the males are fighting Evie, the self-growing creatures could become dominant in nature, but why are we surrounded by not a clone. Comparing the same Egeria was born in Athens generation, we found that sexual relationships born as a result people are less sick of cloning shenanigans. Vianden to resist the need to explain why sex is maintained in nature," the BBC quoted Dr Stuart Audi for natural Sciences faculty.

Within due to sexual reproduction began to dominate the planet. Comedies bath, poster , banner and other organisms, which can reproduce without the involvement of a partner, in the nature of outsiders in the status appeared, not to mention those types that are already long gone to the present day did not survive in Armenia. Genetic place they were not allowed to adapt to the environment changes.

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