Tea in poetry, then in pleasure. 15 December international tea day (photo)

Tea in poetry, then in pleasure. 15 December international tea day (photo)
16 December
14:33 2016

15 December international tea day This day is especially celebrated in those countries where tea is a strong hurricane in the history of the planet there are: India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. According to scientific versions of one of the tea as a beverage identified in the M. China.. 2737 year, when Shen Nong, the Emperor tea leaves accidentally throw into boiling water with This tea in China has become a very popular drink.

First tea of the herb was once the drink was in the 17th century it became the poetry theme, the pleasure Are restored 4 types of tea-black, green, red and yellow. Tea is 120-130 a variety of complex chemical compounds: Caffeine 2-4% more than coffee:

Tea contains a lot of vitamins. It provides vitality, regulates digestion, has cosmetic properties, very useful in case of indigestion tea is Important role in body's metabolism. Has a high caloric content, a positive effect in the kidneys and respiratory tract.

Tea helps mapping: Hard and sweet tea is the antidote to alcohol and drugs against it, and available phosphorus prevents dental caries: an Ardent tea heads in the form of treatment of diseases of the eye inflammatory diseases, and lemon tea in watermelon, sore throat and flu:

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